About Me

Julie Jilani EsterlyJulie Jilani offers embodied teachings and practices that help people illuminate their gifts and empower them to co-create a more just world. A lifelong seeker, she began to meditate in the early 70’s, attend retreats with Ram Dass, “Sufi Dance”, and study yoga. Throughout her life she has been fortunate to have remarkable teachers like Murshid Wali Ali Meyer, Charlotte Selver, Moshé Feldenkrais, Jean Houston and Buckminster Fuller. She now serves as a senior guide and minister in the universal Sufi Ruhaniat International lineage, a path of heart, positivity, and service. 

She was drawn into the world of natural deathcare, home funerals, and green burials by a friend’s profound community-supported death. As an end-of-life speaker, educator, and activist she studies and promotes the movement to recover death as a vital part of life. Her concern about the environmental and human rights issues surrounding the death inspired her to co-found Natural Deathcare Initiative in 2017. She recently spoke with Charles Eisenstein about how fear of dying prevents us from living fully; listen to the podcast at charleseisenstein.org

In 1977, Julie Jilani graduated from Chiropractic college and practiced for 42 years with a focus on breath, energy and ease. As a member of the Sensory Awareness Leader’s Guild, she recently taught at the Sensory Awareness Conference on “Resilience and Stability in Challenging Times”.

Julie Jilani has experienced a great deal of personal trauma and loss, which allows her to empathize with the suffering of others. As a survivor of multiple auto accidents and medical procedures, she is keenly aware of how trauma and grief can diminish our light and life. She creates a safe, compassionate, and inspiring atmosphere for exploration when speaking and teaching. 

She lives in Santa Cruz, CA with her husband who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s last year. They have a 28 year old daughter Bryn who is loving and kind.